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    Eat, See and Play the Best of Niigata!
    Discover New Fun Every Time You Visit!
    Welcome to Niigata Furusato Village, filled with the attraction of Niigata!
    Niigata Furusato Village is a large tourism facility in Niigata Prefecture. There are shops selling Niigata specialties, restaurants serving local cuisine, a Niigata sightseeing information corner and a corner providing Niigata historical and cultural information to visitors. Have fun at the Niigata Furusato Village surrounded by rich nature and greenery.
    Bazaar Hall
    Sake, rice and fish, of which Niigata boasts nationwide, senbei (rice crackers) and dango (dumplings), its specialty food, as well as lacquered bowels, a traditional craft of the area, are all displayed and sold here. Taste the local food made with seasonal ingredients at the food mall.
    • Open: 9:30–17:30 (May be extended during holiday periods. Business hours differ for each restaurant)
    • Entrance: Free
    • Phone: 81-25-230-3000
    • Fax: 81-25-230-3390
    Find seasonal and traditional cuisine
    Approximately 10,000 specialty products and flavors of Niigata, including sake, rice and fish that the prefecture is known for. Every day is an exhibition!
    Fresh fish center Marine
    A market filled with fresh and processed seafood
    Farm product shop Waku-waku Farm
    Look for freshly picked vegetables as well as jams and juice
    Old established store corners
    Nine local confectionery and Japanese tea shops
    General souvenir corner Niigata Miyagedokoro
    A display of diverse souvenirs
    Niigata sake corner
    Sake and specialties from Niigata
    Rice cracker corner
    Tasty senbei (rice crackers) made from delicious Niigata rice for souvenirs
    Western tableware corner
    Tsubame-sanjo tableware is a world-renown brand
    Rice corner
    Famous Koshihikari and other delicious rice brands
    Traditional craftwork corner
    Japanese textile and ceramics for souvenirs
    Niigata T-shirt Commission
    Cute T-shirts from Niigata
    Yasuda Yogurt
    Yogurt drink is popular
    Gelato & beverage corner Enikki
    Take a break with gelato, soft-serve ice cream and coffee
    Casual and relaxing Niigata gourmet food
    Try Niigata local dishes made with seasonal ingredients at the food mall. Sushi, soba noodles, sauce cutlet donburi are some of the popular choices.
    Local cuisine Akatonbo
    We look forward to serving local Niigata dishes made with local ingredients. Some of the popular Niigata selections are sauce cutlet donburi, hegisoba buckwheat noodles, and jumbo aburaage (deep-fried tofu) from Tochio area are must to try. Table seating only.
    Try sushi with the freshest seafood! There is also Kaisendon (rice bowl topped with sashimi). Japanese room seating only (sitting on mats).
    Restaurant Ban'yatei
    Reservation-only restaurant for small to large groups. Enjoy a variety of Niigata's local dishes. Table seating only.
    Niigata B-class Gourmet Yokocho, Five Representative Ramen from Niigata
    Find fast food from Niigata at the Yokocho. Enjoy casual Niigata dishes like ramen noodles, Tai-chazuke (rice bowl topped with sea bream slices with tea poured over it), pork cutlet donburi and more. Half sizes are available and visitors can try many kinds of food sharing with friends and family. Table seating only.
    Appeal Hall
    This is a base for history, culture and the most up-to-date Niigata sightseeing information. Visitors can see the changing lifestyle in Japan from the late 19th century to the late 20th century. Pamphlets and PCs to view sightseeing information of Niigata are available for visitors.
    • Open: 9:00–17:00 (May be extended during holiday periods)
    • Entrance: Free
    • Phone: 81-25-230-3030
    • Fax: 81-25-230-3050
    Base for the communication of information about Niigata
    Here visitors will find the Information Search Corner where they can search Niigata sightseeing information, the Video Library of promotional videos for sightseeing spots, and the Internet Corner for the newest information on Niigata Furusato Village. Events and exhibitions are held in the Event Hall. Matcha green tea and rice flour chiffon cakes are popular at the Antenna Shop & Café GATARIBA.
    Learn about life in Niigata
    Reproduction of a farming village and the city during the Meiji (1868–1912) and Taisho (1912– 1926) periods, and the changing lifestyles during Showa period (1926–1989) are introduced in a 3D video. There is also a Snow Country Experience Corner, where visitors can experience snow throughout the year.
    Learn about Niigata through film
    A film introducing the four seasons of Niigata is shown on a large screen at the Furusato Theater.
    Flower Garden, Furusato Garden Park and Greenhouse
    Flower Garden with flowers of the season blooming. Highlights are tulips in spring and dahlias from summer to autumn. At Japanese-style Furusato Garden Park, visitors can feed carp in the pond and relax at old Japanese houses. The glassed-in Greenhouse features a large athletic area for children.
    Niigata City Tourist Information Center Toki-no-Tabibito-kan
    The center offers a wide variety of information that introduces Niigata to visitors at the exchange plaza, specialty corner and event corner, as well as sightseeing information search via the Internet.
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